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My mother instilled in me the love of animal mythology by reading fables to me every night when I was a young boy. She performed the voices of all the dogs, cats, wolves, bears and squirrels in the stories, pulling me deeper into the tales with her dramatic pauses and creative voice modulations. When my mother finished reading to me each night, she closed the book, brushed her hand across my head, kissed my forehead and turned off the light. I would tumble into a dream world of talking animals and thick, rich forests. When I first began guiding and giving nature talks in the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve in Haines, Alaska, I developed a style that revolved around explaining nature through the animal’s eyes and those talks evolved into the book series that includes Eagle, Salmon, Bear, Moose and Wolf.

Animal fables may be the oldest form of storytelling. They are the first Self-Help stories, moral tales spun to inspire introspection and to give life lessons for the greater good of the tribe. I’ve extensively studied the history of fables from Africa to Asia to Europe to South and North America and I’ve worked hard to create the best fables I’m capable of in my little animal books. I read every book I can find on the animal. I speak with as many of the world experts that will talk to me. I observe the creature in his habitat as much as possible, so I can merge the rhythm of his life with the rhythm of my writing. My goal for each fable is for it to be funny, educational and for the story to resonate with a timeless theme that will keep the tale relevant and thoughtful for years to come.

Welcome to Tales from Alaska and enjoy.

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  1. Tom Lang

    “Charming fables about Alaska’s wildlife that will delight all ages.”
    — Heather Lende, NY Times bestselling author of “If You Lived Here, I’d Know Your Name.”

    “Long time Alaskan wilderness guide Tom Lang has a gift for making you laugh and think at the same time. Tom’s little books tell big, witty and heartfelt stories…a must-have collection!”
    — Bill Fletcher, Destination Marketing Director, Holland America Line.

    “For centuries, across the planet, the art of storytelling has been used to convey important lessons from generation to generation. More than ever, we need new tales that convey the importance and wonders of the natural world. Tommy has done just that, by engaging the reader with eloquence and humor while delivering insightful, poignant lessons. A must read for educators, kids of all ages, and all of us who love a good story.”
    — Dr. Scott Ramsey, Director of the Alaska Outdoor Science School

    “With over twenty-five years of experience, Tom Lang has guided more guests through the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve than any other guide in the Chilkat Valley. His approach is always fresh and wide-eyed. Tom combines his sparkling sense of humor with his love of nature to enliven this series of small books about Alaskan wildlife. The series is a fun way to learn about the Chilkat Eagle Preserve and its most iconic inhabitants- bald eagles, moose, salmon, wolf and bear.”
    — Joe Ordonez, Author of “Where Eagles Gather, the Story of the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, Haines, Alaska. “

    “I love Tom Lang’s books! They make you laugh and learn at the same time. I read them to my river trip passengers and they always love them.”
    — Christa Sadler, International River Guide and author of “Colorado.”

    “As a long time tour director in Alaska I encourage my guests to read and learn to enhance their experience in this Great Land. Tom’s books are one of the best ways to do that. Enjoy!”
    — Randy Hammond, Senior Tauck Director, Tauck World Discovery

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